[New Spell] Frog Feet

Frog Feet


‘Are you going to climb up there?’ Fellhorn asked the gnome illusionist.

‘Are you crazy? I’ll break my neck getting up there!’ squeaked the gnome as he pointed out the distance to the window of the forlorn tower.

‘Is this a big problem? I’ll do it,’ the elf ranger offered.

This perturbed the gnome and convinced him to overcome his fear of heights.

‘Okay, I suppose, cast your spell,’ the gnome conceded.

With a smile Fellhorn murmured his incantation and the gnome leaped onto the cold stone of the tower, and stuck. He climbed without hesitation to the window.

‘What do you see?’ the elf asked.

A fiery green blast exploded out of the window nearly incinerating the gnome who ducked just in time.

‘A trap,’ grumbled the gnome in reply.


Frog Feet (Druid)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: Two rounds, plus 1 round/level.


This handy spell, sometimes called the ‘Poor Caster’s Spider Climb’ allows the subject to climb sheer surfaces, but not ceilings, at normal speed and without fear of falling as long as nothing is carried in any hand. Spellcasting while using this spell is not possible and the subject’s hands and feet must be free, although gloves and boots may be worn and do not affect the spell.

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