[New Magic Item] Goblin Infestation Arrows

Goblin Infestation Arrows

Another thud struck the small building, a quartet of goblins burst into the room from the wall. The adventurers caught the berserk humanoids in nets within seconds.

‘Hey, we are getting good at this!’ Koram exclaimed to the others.

‘Yes, but it would be nice if someone would stop shooting the building so we could get some sleep, this is getting old,’ Chalk replied.

A most curious set of arrows, it is unknown who crafted them originally, but they have a wicked, if not disturbing, sense of humor. A goblinoid trickster deity? An oddball human archmage? Who knows?

Benefit: These arrows are typically shot at buildings or creatures in plate armor. A successful hit scatters 2d4 unarmed and unarmored goblins (each with 4 hit points that deal 1d3 points of clawing or biting damage) within the confines of the building or armor. A great diversion, with those in the building having to fend off the beasts and the one in armor having to fight for their life, unable to strike another until the infestation is taken care of.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a bow.

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