[New Spell] Sleepless For Now

Sleepless For Now


‘Have you gotten into the tower yet?’ Chalk asked Navnen.

‘No, I am having some trouble slipping passed the guards,’ the thief reluctantly admitted.

‘Doesn’t the duke only have a handful of guards left?’ the wizard asked.

‘This is true, plus the priest with some magic that keeps one guard always alert at night, all night, they are fidgety and always ready to fight,’ Navnen said.

‘A handy spell, I wish our cleric had a similar spell,’ Chalk said.

They both looked at Valance.

‘Spider bit?’ the priest of the Spider God asked, offering a hideous looking arachnid from his sleeve. ‘It is very soothing.’

‘Thanks, I’ll pass,’ Chalk said.

‘Me too,’ the thief replied.

Valance looked at Koram, but the fighter was already napping.


Sleepless For Now (Cleric)

Level 1

Range: Self or Touch

Duration: 1d4 nights (or days).


When cast upon the cleric themselves or on another the subject does not need to sleep and is constantly alert for 1d4 days (or nights as the case may be) and gaining +1 on all to hit rolls. Spellcasters still regain spells through inactivity rather than needing rest under the effects of this spell. After the spell elapses the subject of this spell will need at least ten hours of uninterrupted rest or be -1 on all rolls for two days.

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