[New Magic Item] Beacon Baubles

Beacon Baubles

‘I see a red one,’ Koram said.

‘Blue to the north,’ Valance said.

‘Green to the West,’ Navnen said.

Chalk consulted his chart.

‘To the West,’ the wizard said to his companions.

‘And what do the other colors mean?’ Koram asked.

‘Well, either a diversion to confuse anyone with the wrong chart or there was a sale on those beacon sphere things,’ replied Chalk.

‘Let’s hope we have the right chart,’ Valance said, throwing doubt into everyone’s mind.

A simple magic item that clever wilderness explorers have handy if the party splits up. Maybe not quite so handy in monster heavy areas.

Benefit: Obviously best used at night, these magical glass spheres are durable until thrown onto earth or rock, at which time they release a beam of color (color various and is obvious within the center of the globe, can be used as color coded signals) that extends up to one mile in the air and lasts for 1d4x10 minutes. Very useful in strategic zones or to warn others of your approach.

Usable by: Anyone.

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