[New Magic Item] Disorienting Coins

Disorienting Coins

‘That is thirty gold coins each,’ one thief told the others as they divvied up the stash that they found.

‘Where is the alleged resting place of the Wand of the Winter Wizard?’ the second thief asked.

‘To the South, I heard. After a night’s rest we should be on our way,’ the third suggested.

Each thief pretended to sleep, but anxious to get to the magical treasure one crept off to the East, one to the West and the last to the North, all completely confused by their golden treasure, each convinced that they were headed South.

A rather insidious magic item, sometimes found after having been maliciously placed, other times found after having been abandoned by those who realize what is happening to them.

Benefit: The worst part of these cursed coins is that some will take a loooong time to realize that these are cursed, their sense of avarice overriding common sense. Disorienting Coins are always gold coins and can only be rooted out by a Detect Magic spell. Anyone in possession of one of these coins must make a save versus Magic at -2 any time they try to determine a particular direction, regardless of any obvious clues or indications. In addition, once these coins are in contact with other gold coins they infect them within one day with the same curse. A Remove Curse spell will render up to 10 lbs of gold coins to regular coins. After being free of these cursed coins it takes the bearer 1d4 hours to be able to detect the right direction again.

Usable by: Anyone.

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