[New Spell] Walls With Eyes

Walls With Eyes


The gnome stumbled back and recovered quickly.

‘What is the verdict?’ asked Fellhorn the druid.

‘There are four individuals in our hideout, they must have found it somehow,’ the small illusionist replied.

‘Are they filthy gnomes?’ the elf ranger asked.

‘No. They are all humans, as a matter of fact, it looks like they were just laying low,’ answered the gnome.

‘I hope they didn’t find our stash of stuff,’ the druid said.

‘I think at least one of them was maybe a thief,’ said the illusionist.

‘Great,’ lamented the elf. ‘Just what we need, a thief rummaging around in our stuff.’

‘Let’s head back,’ Fellhorn said.


Walls With Eyes (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: Special (see below)

Duration: 1d4 rounds + 1round per level of caster.


This spell allows the casting illusionist to cause 1d4+level number of eyes appear on the walls of a room the illusionist has been to before. These eyes look around wildly, only one under the control of the caster who can see through the eye while the other eyes move unnervingly about, causing anyone in that room a -1 on all rolls for the duration of the spell. As illusions, the eyes can be attacked, but will not disappear unless the one eye that the caster controls is attacked. As the illusionist can control any one of the eyes at will that makes this a difficult proposition, but if done the spell will be dispelled.

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