[New Magic Item] Standard of Slippery Hands

Standard of Slippery Hands

The vile duke’s guard stood aghast as Koram raged forward swinging his Crystal Sword like a madman.

‘But how?’ one of the guardsmen asked another before they scrambled to defend themselves.

‘Locking gauntlet. Not my first time against that particular standard,’ Koram interrupted before bringing the screeching blade down to shatter a wooden shield and the bones of the arm beneath it.

Chalk’s spell whirled by the fighter and splashed onto the guards, causing them to scream in terror before surredering.

‘We are keeping that standard, that will come in handy,’ quipped Navnen.

‘Shame they used it on us,’ Valance grinned as a carpet of scuttling spiders raced passed him towards the duke’s men.

What started out as a joke became a devastating magical item that has turned many battles in the favor of the side that bore this standard into battle that has an icon of a gloved hand dripping oil or water from it.

Benefit: Usable three times per day, this magical standard will cause all who can it it to have to make a Saving throw versus magic at -2 or lose their grip on any held items, which promptly fall to the ground and must be picked up. This general grants the side bearing the standard a free attack against an unarmed foe. Any weapons or shields strapped or bolted on are not affected and sometimes are the norm for those that have survived this magical item.

Usable by: Anyone.

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