[New Magic Item] Overspell Wand

Overspell Wand

‘I’ll hand it to him, this web is really sticky and got all of us,’ Valance said, admiring the magical webbing as he struggled.

‘He’s an amateur with a really good wand,’ Chalk smirked as he too, struggled.

‘Isn’t it ironic that you are caught in this web with us, Valance?’ Navnen asked the priest of the Spider God.

Dozens of arachnids suddenly appeared and began tearing and gnawing at the arcane webbing holding Valance who then slowly descended to the ground by the last few remaining strands.

‘Not at all,’ he replied with a smile. ‘Need some help up there?’

This tricky wand was created for a war wizard to make his spells more effective, yet the resulting side effects of the wand tends to place some spellcasters into seclusion for a few days.

Benefit: The boon to this magical item is that any one aspect of a spell cast from it (range, duration, number affected, etc) can be quadrupled. The downside is that the spell is then forgotten for 1d4 weeks afterwards. This wand holds, and is often found with, three spells and may be recharged with a spell known by the caster.

Usable by: Any spellcaster who can use a wand.

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