[New Spell] Made of Metal

Made of Metal


The goblins crashed through the underbrush and found….a trio of rusting metal steel golems, each seemingly frozen in places, perhaps by a wizard;s spell. After a little squabbling and chatter the goblins took off in the opposite direction from which they had come.

‘That was a close call,’ one of the golems whispered in Fellhorn the druid’s voice.

‘They were only goblins, we could have taken them down easily,’ rasped another of the golems, this one using the elf ranger’s voice.

‘You are free to follow them, if you wish, or we can set up camp and rest after a day’s travel,’ the last golem said, this one sounded like the gnome illusionist.

‘We just as well rest, we can hunt goblins tomorrow,’ sighed the elf/golem.


Made of Metal (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster.


This illusion causes others to think that the illusionist or any number of those he or she touches while casting this spell (one per caster level including the illusionist) are made of metal. This illusion can take the form of robotics, an android or even a golem made of iron or steel (or some other metal). Creatures of Low Intelligence or below do not save and even believe they smell metal. Those of Average Intelligence and higher receive a saving throw at -1 to see through the illusion. Those that look like they are made of metal and do not move are often disregarded as statuary or part of the scenery. The caster may even add extra effects such as a polished gleam or jagged edges and rust.

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