[New Magic] Obelisk of the Arcane

Obelisk of the Arcane

‘That wasn’t there a few minutes ago,’ Navnen observed as he pointed to the top of a stone obelisk standing among the trees just outside of town. The thing had arcane letters carved in it that seemed to glow blue and green intermittently.

Chalk squinted at the thing as a scream came from near the foot of the obelisk, which was obscured by shrubbery.

‘I’m thinking we run, just to be safe,’ the wizard replied.

Moments later a half a dozen howling humanoids, some burning with a green fire, came running from the area.

‘Good choice,’ the thief said as he and the wizard kept scrambling.

Thought to of originated on another plane entirely, the Obelisk of the Arcane is a strange magic item that causes a frenzy when spotted. It is almost impossible for a spellcaster to keep a hold of this magic item for any length of time without it being stolen from them or the caster being killed for it.

Benefit: A command word activates this devices, which then transforms from an inert hand-held statue six inches high into a 25′ tall obelisk. This glowing monument to magic then radiates arcane energies that allow any spellcaster within 60′ to be able to double the effect, duration or area of effect for their magic. In addition any magic items within 60′ gain an additional ‘+’ to damage or to hit bonus, if at maximum then an additional attribute is acquired at the owners discretion (such as +1 versus lycanthropes to a weapon that did not have that quality). This lasts for one hour, six turns, per use. May be used twice per day.

Note: This device must have room to reach its full height when activated or it will not activate. Narrow tunnels or corridors with low ceilings are not good place to need this item.

Usable by: Anyone, usually spellcasters.

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2 Responses to [New Magic] Obelisk of the Arcane

  1. eltf177 says:

    This is most interesting. Is there just the one or are there more? How did it get here? And who knows how to activate it. I can see a Wizard’s Guild paying a lot for one of these, as would a number of rulers…

    • bat says:

      Hey, thank you for the comment! This is the point of my posts, to toss something out there to encourage people to run with it.

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