[New Magic Item] Vermin Dice

Vermin Dice

Valance, now dry and short of gills from a previous misadventure disappeared into the town for a few hours, then returned to his usual haunts.

As adventure called the priest of the Spider God and his companions set out from the small town.

‘What phase of moon is it tonight?’ he asked the others.

‘New, I believe. Perfect for night work,’ replied Navnen the thief.

Valance took a moment to stop and look over at his shoulder at the small town they were leaving and he suddenly laughed maniacally, which, of course, caused the others to regard each other with concerned glances.

A ‘gift’ from the Lords of Spite and Malice, these somewhat minor dice can cause all sorts of trouble. Innocently used most of the time, twice a month these dice are a menace, just as they were meant to be.

Benefit: A simple pair of six-sided dice, often used in games of chance, with an odd symbol replacing the one. An arcane symbol that represents a rat or mouse. Under a New of Full moon, any time these dice are thrown and the random ‘1’ is rolled on either or both the next roll summons that number x100 rats or mice to appear in a 100′ radius. For example a ‘1’ then a ‘4’ would result in 400 mice or rats appearing in a random location within 100′ of where the dice are thrown. Until dawn this cycle is repeated over and over any time a ‘1’ is rolled.

Usable by: Anyone, usually unwittingly.

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