[New Spell] Haunted by your Kills

Haunted by your Kills


As the thugs closed in on Valance and Chalk the two weighed their options.

‘I have this spell….’ Valance began.

‘More spiders?’ Chalk asked as the outlaws grew nearer.

‘Not at all, this may be the perfect time to try it out,’ replied the priest of the Spider God who then began a prayer to his eight-legged deity as Chalk balked.

One of the thugs groaned and fell to the ground, covered in translucent bodies that clawed at him.Then two more fell.

‘It worked, run!’ Valance shouted as he tugged at the wizard’s arm.

‘Say, that was pretty good,’ Chalk admitted with a nod.

‘That won’t stop them forever,’ Valance urged.


Haunted by your Kills (Cleric)

Level 4

Range: One subject or any/all within a 30′ radius.

Duration: 1d4 turns.


This gruesome spell calls for the dead of a particular subject or any/all within a 30′ radius. The casting priest invokes the souls of those killed by those affected by the spell. Each sentient creature murdered (not killed in self defense or war) will pile onto their target, each soul weighing 5lbs of encumbrance for the duration of the spell, weighing the person down and slowing them accordingly. When the spell elapses the target of the spell can shake off the souls back to their haunts.

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4 Responses to [New Spell] Haunted by your Kills

  1. really liked this one, ++

  2. killervp says:

    This one would have been deadly in a previous game of mine…

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