[New Magic Item] Flute of Coins

Flute of Coins

Chalk, Koram and their companions strolled into a clearing at the edge of town they were about to enter. They saw a fifty foot circle littered with silver coins with three dead goblins littered about randomly among the coins.

‘Well that is strange,’ Koram mused.

‘I could use those coins to settle a debt,’ quipped Valance.

‘There must be a trap here somewhere,’ Navnen said, looking around suspiciously.

‘Probably best we go around this altogether until we know more,’ Chalk said.

Nevertheless, Valance still scooped up a handful of silver wen he thought everyone was looking away.

‘I saw that,’ Chalk said. ‘Be it on your head whatever comes of taking that coin.’

‘What is the worse that can happen? I will buy drinks at the inn for us and a night of rest,’ Valance offered as he jangled silver coins in his cupped palms.

This strange magical flute has gotten more than one charlatan out of a jam, and gotten more than a few into a bigger predicament later on. Of unknown origin, not sure if it is cursed or not, you decide.

Benefit: Three times per day this magical flute can be used to summon coins from the sky. One tune, Hail of Gold, produces 7D100 pieces of gold rain down in a 50’ radius of flautist. Anyone caught in the radius takes 1d8+2 points of damage from the arcane downpour unless they find shelter. The second tune, A Storm of Silver, causes 7D100 silver pieces to rain down in a 60’ radius of the flautist. Anyone caught in the affected area takes 1d6+2 points of damage from the falling silver unless they leave the area or get under shelter. The third tune, Cloudburst of Copper, causes 7d100 copper pieces to fall from the sky in a cacophony of coins affecting a 70′ radius of the flautist. Anyone in this zone takes 1d4+2 points of damage unless under shelter. The flautist is on one edge of the radius and not affected by the falling coins. All coins vanish after one day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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