[New Monster] Fleshtaker


‘Why are they just sitting there? I don’t like this,’ the elf ranger said.

‘It is really strange that two of the three are flesh and blood and the third isn’t,’ the gnome illusionist said as the adventurers watched the strangers slowly rise.

‘I think they want the skin of one of us,’ Fellhorn the druid added.

‘I think we should have a cleric in the group,’ the elf said as they all turned to run.

The trio of undead began to chase them in an ungainly manner.


At first the fleshtaker appears as a skeleton, normally human, however, ogre, giant, demi-human and humanoid variants have been encountered. These creatures tend to try to re-flesh themselves according to their original body, but desperate times….

In combat the fleshtaker uses its claws and bite to attack. When a suitable dead body is found (not always an easy thing for these undead) the fleshtaker absorbs the flesh, organs, nerves, etc and re-bodies themselves into undead similar to a ghoul or vampire- living dead that thrive on the blood of the living. If the body has been dead less than twelve hours the fleshtaker’s new skin and innards will last indefinitely barring any damage and can pass as average members of their species under casual scrutiny, bodies that have been dead longer but are still salvageable will rot and deteriorate as a zombie.
Fleshtaker: HD 3+4; AC 7[12]; Atk Bite (1d4+2) or 2 claws/pummel (2d6); Move 9; Save 13; CL/XP 5/240, Special: Immune to Sleep, Hold, Charm, (if re-fleshed) Pass for Living 65%, Regenerates (including flesh) at one point per turn.

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