[New Magic Item] Infernal Chalice

Infernal Chalice

Navnen crept into the upper room of the cottage a little before the hue and cry could be heard in the streets. The thief then casually walked downstairs to join his companions.

‘What’s in the sack?’ Chalk asked casually.

‘The chalice that was above the hearth at the Basilisk and Boar,’ the thief answered.

‘And why do you have it?’ Valance asked.

‘So one of you can turn it in for the five-hundred silver pieces offered for its swift return,’ Navnen said.

‘Not me, that sounds like a trap,’ Koram remarked.

‘I’ll do it for half the loot,’ Valance said.

‘Half?’ asked Navnen, aghast.

‘These two aren’t going to do it and you can’t stand up to the constables questioning you,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘And you can?’ the thief inquired.

Valance produced a strange purple spider from one sleeve, they had all tried its mind-numbing bite.

‘Very well,’ Navnen said with a hint of defeat in his voice.

It is said that a greater demon fashioned these strange magic items with great protesting, after he was brought to the edge of utter defeat and annihilation. This being created dozens of these silver chalices and then either escaped or was released, the story isn’t clear, but for this deed he earned the enmity of many greater infernal creatures.

Benefit: Standing on many a hearth over a roaring fire is an Infernal Chalice. Each night, as the innkeeper closes down the chalice is to be filled with quality alcohol of any kind. During the small hours at least half of the alcohol is drunk by creatures passing by; demons, devils, vile spirits, etc will satiate themselves with a drink and no harm or evil will come to the inn (or building) directly from the Lower Planes. But beware, if the chalice is not filled or even worse, if it is stolen, those that have quaffed from the cup will know and will be howling to cause mischief and destruction.

Usable by: Anyone.

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