[New Spell] Curse-Toucher

Curse: Toucher


Koram walked up to a seated Valance and clapped him on the back.

‘No!’ the priest of the Spider God shouted as he groaned in pain.

‘Now what?’ the fighter asked.

‘He lost another big bet,’ Navnen the thief replied.

‘And nobody can touch him?’ Koram asked.

‘Not for another….five days, apparently. Each time he touches or is touched he is wounded,’ Chalk explained. ‘Or so we have deduced.’

‘If only he was a healing cleric,’ Koram said.

‘I know! I know!’ snapped Valance.


Curse: Toucher (Magic-User-Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week, until subject is dead or the curse is dispelled.


This dreadful curse begins after the caster touches their target and bestows the spell. After this, each time that the subject is touched they lose 1d4 hit points. Magical healing is possible, but natural healing does not return hit points for the week. Being touched by weapons does not count for hit point loss, nor does the touch of a creature of Animal intelligence and lower. Only a touch by a sentient being will initiate the hit point loss. This curse lasts for one week or until dispelled or the target dies.

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