[New Monster] Flum


Navnen breathed a sigh of relief as the trap’s mechanism gave way and the trap was overcome. Suddenly a trapdoor opened from above and a dozen or more strange gecko-like creatures dropped down onto the adventurers.

‘My dagger!’ shouted Valance.

‘My wand!’ screeched Chalk.

‘Taste the blade!’ Koram shouted as he swung his Crystal Sword at the creatures, most of which dodged the fighter’s sword and ran off into the depths of the dungeon.

‘I need that wand back,’ Chalk stated.

Navnen groaned in despair. He knew Chalk was determined and there was no way of knowing which of the small reptilian creatures had it.


The flum are short, hunched reptilian bipeds that resemble humanoid geckos with a kangaroo-like pouch that is used to hold stolen objects. These creatures have Low to Medium intelligence and delight in being pests to adventuring groups for some unknown reason. The flum can climb vertical surfaces as a gecko (at normal speed) but cannot hang from ceilings. These creatures have a tongue that can shoot 2′ that is used to stick to small objects. In addition the flum can hold their breath underwater for up to thirty minutes.
Flum: HD 1+4; AC 7[12]; Atk Bite (1d4) or Claw (1d4); Move 12; Save 15; CL/XP 3/60, Special: Climb vertical surfaces at normal speed, hold breath underwater for thirty minutes, launch sticky tongue two feet to retrieve small objects, regenerates lost limbs and hit points, 1d4/day hit points, one week for a limb to regenerate.

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