[New Spell] Arcane Allergy

Arcane Allergy


Valance returned to the cottage, sneezing loudly.

‘Gambling with those druids again?’ Chalk asked.

‘Yes,’ the priest of the Spider God replied between sneezes.

‘When will you learn?’ Koram asked.

‘I almost had them. Now I am allergic to wool until this spell wears off,’ Valance managed to get out between sneezing fits.

The others laughed then began looking for wool to hide from Valance.


Arcane Allergy (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year or until dispelled.


This strange spell imparts an allergy onto a subject. This allergy causes the target of the spell to itch, sneeze and break out into a rash upon contact with the allergen. The allergy can be to anything: typical allergens, magic, dander of magical creatures, or even a specific person or being etc. The sneezing and itching gives the target a -2 on all rolls when within 10′ of that which they are allergic to.

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