[New Magic Item] Wand of Inscribed Destruction

Wand of Inscribed Destruction

Stork rose from where he crouched by the fire, growling.

‘I was reading that!’ he snarled into the darkness.

An arrow flew from the shadows and struck a tree right next to the wizard. He threw a spell into the shadows that exploded into a ball of light that caused screaming and much dashing for cover.

Vistis the Blue Mage hobbled along and cast a spell that send snapping and biting shadows among the rest of the outlaws who ran off.

‘You are late, I could have used you before they destroyed the spellbook of Zanwor,’ Stork said.

‘I was trying to escape the minions of the river god, I tried,’ replied the illusionist.

A mysterious magical wand that has gotten more than one bearer killed for destroying prized written tomes and scrolls, this wand has also ended many spell duels before they even started with the evaporation of the opponents spellbook.

Benefit: This magical wand allows the wielder to destroy any paper, parchment or similar material that has been written on with ink. Magical scrolls and spellbooks are allowed a saving throw at -1. All non-magical papers and those magical items that fail their save are reduced to an inky smoke that slowly wafts away, dissipating forever in the air. Range of effectiveness is line of sight. Oddly, blanks scrolls, individual pieces of paper and books with no writing in them are immune to this wand, the items to be destroyed must have been written in.

Usable by: Anyone who can wield a wand.

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