[New Spell] Rhyme of the Unfortunate One

Rhyme of the Unfortunate One


‘How many more are out the door?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked.

‘Until I crack and break the caster’s back,’ snarled Stork.

Norvus the Tricky snickered as he heard the sorcerer and illusionist try to communicate after casting his spell on them. He hid himself well enough that he could not readily be seen by the duo, but he was so captivated by the spell and their reaction he knew he had to cast it upon them again at the nearest chance.


Rhyme of the Unfortunate One (Magic-User)

Level 3

Range: Line of Sight.

Duration: 2d6 rounds.


This spell only affects targets of Average Intelligence and beyond, those of Low Intelligence and below are not subject to this spell. When cast the wizard can cause any number of targets within line of sight to have to rhyme any speech for the next 2d6 rounds or suffer 1d4 hit points of damage for each failed sentence. Once affected those that qualify will realize that they must rhyme their sentences or face the consequences (although they may not know exactly what the consequences are). Revenge for this spell by survivors is often swift.

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