[New Magic Item] Fishwhistle


‘You will exhale sooner or later, I have time,’ Stork said with a smile, revealing his shark-like teeth.

Eventually the thief blew the whistle and took the form of a trout then began gasping for air.

Stork held the whistle away as the fish’s eyes began to bulge.

The wizard knelt and placed the whistle to the trout’s lips. It blew on the whistle, a shrill tone. The fish returned to the form of a thief.

‘Now will you talk?’ Stork asked.

‘Yes! Yes!’ replied the downcast thief.

A gift to a wily rogue from an archmage for a series of daring burglaries that favored said wizard, this magic item appears as little more than a fish-shaped whistle.

Benefit: When this fish shaped whistle is blown the person using the whistle is instantly transformed into an ordinary innocuous fish for the area (15% chance of aquatic monster). If blown more than three minutes from what the fish will suffocate if it cannot blow on the whistle again and transform back into their normal form.

Usable by: Anyone. Great at parties.

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