[New Spell] You Belong With Us

You Belong With Us


The mercenary Bakra-Do shook his head and seemed to shake off some strange spell.

‘What am I still doing here?’ he said as he stood up at the bar.

‘What are you still doing here?’ the innkeeper replied.

The easy jobs, pockets full of silver and gold, the adoration. A spell!

Hastily the mercenary packed his belongings, tipped the innkeeper generously and headed for the door.

‘Come back again real soon!’ cooed the innkeeper as he admired the gold that Bakra-Do had tossed on the counter.

‘Not likely,’ the mercenary smirked as he left.


You Belong With Us (Magic-User)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One week and a day, until dispelled.


When cast this strange spell causes all of the inhabitants of a town, village or city to try to entice the target to stay with them, using everything available short of violence or imprisonment. Often used to detain an enemy or rival, this spell often begins innocuously enough with free meals or drinks, then lucrative and easy jobs are offered, and any number of means are used to keep the person there. If the target stays then they ride out the week and a day and suddenly the locals are no longer interested in the person and may even seem annoyed by his or her presence. A saving throw versus Spells at -1 may be used to determine if the target decides to stay although this can be role-played out as well.

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