[New Magic Item] Horn of Storms

Horn of Storms

‘The storm gods will have their tribute!’ Stork snarled at the crowd of confused villagers. The wizard raised his hands to the sky.

A melodious tune was heard which caused the crowd to take note. The sky darkened and thunder broke the silence. Then the rain started falling, heavier and heavier.

The peasants ran amok, trying to find ways to appease the angry deities of the storm. They brought what they could. Stork cleared his throat, raised his hands again skyward. Again the melodious sound was heard. The storm slowly, almost grudgingly, slowed to a drizzle.

‘How can we repay you?’ one of the villagers asked.

‘A day or two at your best inn and meals for my friend and I,’ Stork replied as he gathered up the few baubles and coins laid out before him.

‘Friend?’ another one of the yokels inquired.

At that moment Vistis the Blue Mage appeared, hastily trying to fit a horn into a bag of his own, his strange lacquered mask causing the crowd to gasp.

This blue horn has stylized clouds and lightning on it. A gift from the deities of storms to a hero destined to traverse a parched land in his adventures, this horn can be used to cause a lot of mayhem in an area.

Benefit: Once per day this horn can be sounded to call upon the gods of the storm. This calls severe thunderstorms to the area, complete with thunder, lightning and heavy rain, covering a three mile area with the epicenter from where the horn was sounded, lasting three days. Up to 24 inches of rain may fall in this time, which can cause flash floods, help an area in drought, and make the natives very jumpy. Effects do not stack in an area, in face another sounding of the horn will cause the rains to stop, but the horn can blaze a watery trail if the bearer moves along instead of staying in one place.

Usable by: Anyone.

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