[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Fell Elves

Dagger of the Fell Elves

One of the werebats appeared suddenly above Bakra-Do at the top of the tower and tried to kick the mercenary off of the side as he struggled with another. In desperation the human grabbed a dagger from a boot, grappled his nearest opponent and leaped off of the side of the tower. Silvery spikes, carefully planted earlier, pointed upwards to greet the plummeting duo.

The werebat panicked as it saw mortality was drawing nearer.

‘You are insane, human!’ it shrieked and wriggled free to soar off.

Bakra-Do invoked the power of his dagger and his dun colored cape suddenly looked like flapping leathery wings, not unlike those of the werebats.

‘I’ll return!’ he swore to the strange lycanthropes as he flew off into towards the setting sun.

An unremarkable looking dagger, easily concealed or worn openly. It does radiate magic, yet it looks almost too innocuous to waste a spell on. That’s how sneaky elves are.

Benefit: Twice per day anyone wearing a cloak or hooded cloak/cape can transform their garment into a bat-like wings that allow one to fly at a rate of 150′ (50′), each transformation lasts for thirty minutes/three turns. In addition, while held the wielder in invisible to those employing nightvision/darkvision or ultravision. Manticores and evil dragons are -1 to hit anyone bearing one of these daggers.

Usable by: Anyone. Popular with thieves and assassins.

Note: My dark elves are more like those of the Burning Wheel or Warhammer Fantasy, in other words, it isn’t their skin pigment from being underground or worshiping a spidery goddess that makes them dark elves, but their outlook on the world. However, even being similar to other elves, they still look more sardonic and villainous than other elves.

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