[New Magic Item] Horn of Hobgoblins

Horn of Hobgoblins

Elf, human and gnome exchanged glances.

‘What have we got to lose?’ the elf ranger asked.

The human druid sounded the horn. A loud, angry howl emanated from the magic item and drifted into the gloomy pines.

A howl answered. Then another. Within a few minutes a small pack of dire wolves appeared.

‘Your wish? Mounts? Scouts?,’ bellowed the lead wolf gruffly.

‘Mounts to the southern edge of the forest,’ Fellhorn the druid said.

‘Easily enough, to the forest’s edge and no further,’ the warg grumbled.

Silently the tree companions raced through the pines on their swift and surefooted mounts.

This twisted ram’s horn has a stylized wold carved into it’s side, the large end of the horn looking like a howling wolf’s mouth. As a matter of fact, when winded this horn makes a sound not unlike that of a commanding wolf’s howl.

Benefit: Once per day this horn may be sounded to summon any wargs or dire wolves in the area (675% chance in wooded areas or plains, much less in other wilderness zones and mostly useless in urban areas in most circumstances). Summoned canines are docile and will be under the control of the bearer of the horn for one day. These creatures will serve as mounts and pack animals or guards and scouts. When the effect wears off these creatures will still not attack the bearer of the horn and his or her companions for one day afterward. Hobgoblins or goblins sensing one of these is in the area will go to any lengths to reclaim it. Any goblinoids that take possession of this horn may use the effects for three days instead of one on those wargs or dire wolves that would not normally serve them for one reason or another.

Usable by: Anyone.

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