[New Spell] Animal Aversion

Animal Aversion


Chalk went to meet the others at the inn when the innkeeper’s dog snarled and tried to bite the wizard as a nearby horse whinnied and bolted. He sighed and went inside. A cat sitting on the bar hissed and spat.

‘Still dealing with that spell?’ Koram asked as he kicked a chair out for the wizard to sit in.

‘It will run out soon, it is a matter of endurance and principle,’ Chalk replied.

‘I’ve got some spiders ready if you need revenge,’ Valance offered.

‘And I have a few knives for the cause,’ Navnen added.

‘No, no, I can handle this, then I am the better caster,’ insisted Chalk.


Animal Aversion (Illusionist/Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One week and a day, until dispelled.


This curse-like spell causes all domestic animals, from farmyard animals to dogs and cats, within 30′ of the subject to hiss, spit, bark and flee the area to get away from the target of the spell. Even mounts and pets, used to the target, will react adversely to the affected. This can lead to many complications, including accusations of witchcraft or being in league with evil forces. Only familiars and magically bound animals are immune to this spell.

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