[New Magic Item] Blindstone


Fellhorn groaned as the small stone hit him.

‘I can’t see!’ the druid lamented. ‘The halfling stones cause blindness!’

‘Oh great,’ said the gnome illusionist as he cast a spell that send a shadowy wolf snarling among the small demi-humans, scattering many as they ran for their lives in fear, others ducked into the shrubbery.

‘It was your idea to come this way! You said that they were friendly,’ the elf ranger said before being struck by a stone in the gut.

‘Now I can’t see!’ shrieked the elf ranger.

The halflings tittered among themselves as the gnome slipped off into the trees, watching as druid and elf were easily captured.

Supposedly a grateful druid once enchanted a pile of small, smooth stones for the use of a small village of halflings that rescued him from the brink of death. Whether true or not some raiding creatures such as orcs, hobgoblins and trolls will steer clear of small halfling villages just in case.

Benefit: Anyone struck by this stone that has been hurled or launched from a sling that has traveled at least 15′ must make a Save versus Spells at -1 or be blinded for 1d4 rounds (although rumor has it some stones are so potent that the blindness lasts 1d4 days) in addition to taking 1d4+1 points of damage. This magical blindness does not affect creatures that are already blind other than dealing damage and the blindness does not stack on sighted creatures.

Usable by: Anyone who can throw a stone or use a sling.

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