[New Spell] Thaumaphobic Radiation

Thaumaphobic Radiation


The door of the inn suddenly slammed open, a group of armed peasants grumbled inside, glaring at the crowd.

‘Any wizards in here?’ one of the rabble growled.

People looked from face to face, nobody pointed anyone out, the crowd rumbled out of the inn.

‘That spell is terrible!’ Chalk whispered in his peasant disguise as he drank his ale.

Valance and the others laughed.

‘I am serious. We need to find the source of that spell and throw it out!’ the wizard hissed.

‘Yes, yes, we had better get on that,’ snickered Valance as he idly played with a few spiders.


Thaumaphobic Radiation (Magic-user/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 100’+5’/level.

Duration: One day per level of caster.


Often cast upon an altar, a statue or even something innocuous like a stone, Thaumaphobic Radiation causes all within the radius of the spell (see above) to make a Save versus Spells at -1 or be compelled to either flee the immediate area or be extremely vigilant and afraid of any arcane spellcasters (Illusionists, Magic-users, etc) yet divine spellcasters (Clerics, druids, etc) do not induce fear or hatred. When cast most arcane practitioners go underground or travel in disguise while clerics and druids often revel in the effects of this spell. This spell is potable if cast upon a small object that is easy to carry.

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