[New Magic Item] Ring of Trolls and Troubles

Ring of Trolls and Troubles

‘That wizard did remind us that magical rings were often dangerous and not to be scoffed at,’ the gnome illusionist said.

The elf ranger grimaced a he slashed and the slobbering ogre again. The creature seemed to be in a frenzy to eat the elf.

‘Not now,’ Fellhorn the druid suggested as he struck the giant humanoid with his staff.

‘I am just saying we should heed the warnings of wizards,’ the gnome said with a grin as he cast a spell that dazed the hulking creature for a few moments.

‘You might be getting the next arrow, runt, I got the message when I put the ring on!’ snarled the elf.

Vicious curses sometimes come with an unexpected benefit. The Ring of Trolls and Troubles is one such ring, in a way. At least it sort of lets you know bad things will happen soon.

Benefit: When worn this ring sinks tiny metal teeth painfully into the flesh of the wearer. This intense pain goes away, but the teeth remain. While worn the wearer is aware of any trolls or ogres within one mile. Unfortunately this ring sends out an arcane message to any trolls or ogres in the area that the bearer of the ring is delicious meal. Cannot be removed except by removing the finger or casting Remove Curse upon the person wearing it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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