[New Magic Item] Necklace of Being Ignored

Necklace of Being Ignored

‘Why isn’t Valance being attacked?’ Navnen the thief asked the others.

‘Shhhh!’ hissed Chalk.

‘What? Why are the bugbears not attacking him?’ the thief asked again.

Koram swung his Crystal Sword in a wide arc, holding the monstrous humanoids at bay.

Suddenly a titanic spiders crashed through the wall of the ruined lodge where the fight was happening. Screaming for their lives the bugbears fled.

‘That is why,’ Chalk finally answered. ‘We had to keep those beasts from being interested in Valance long enough for him to summon a big enough spider to scare them off. Now you know.’

‘Now I know,’ Navnen said with a shrug.

Of unknown origin this strange magic item has been beneficial to more than one heist attempt. Possibly a gift from a deity of thieves, it is just as likely to be the creation of a sad and morose deity.

Benefit: The bearer of this dull and cheap looking necklace can, once per day, choose to be ignored by either sentient or creatures of animal intelligence or below (must state when activating magic) for 1d4+1 rounds. Note that ignored does not mean invisible and if trying to cause harm the magic dissipates and the wearer of the necklace may find themselves in combat. Those that have a particular concern about certain types (thieves, wizards, etc) receive a Save vs Spells saving throw to ignore the effects of this necklace.

Usable by: Anyone.

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