[New Magic Item] Ring of Wrong Directions

Ring of Wrong Directions

‘Maddening!’ Navnen exclaimed.

‘We at least know that they are somehow altering their path,’ Chalk said.

‘How do you figure?’ asked Valance.

‘I doubt that after following the trail for miles one would suddenly climb a sheer cliff wall,’ the wizard replied.

‘True,’ said Koram, scratching his head. ‘But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t just wander off into the trees at random, either.’

‘Maddening!’ the thief exclaimed again.

Given to the least successful ranger in a guild of rangers to give him a boost in his standing, this ring has aggravated many a tracker in their attempts to follow their two footed quarry.

Benefit: This arcane ring has a dial on it that points forward when worn. The user only needs to turn the dial up to 45 degree angle in either direction. Usable twice per day for two hours (12 turns) each time. While scent tracking is unaffected, this will baffle anyone tracking only by footprints (which can cause further confusion of both methods are being used), reduces normal tracking to 15% regardless of skill level.

Usable by: Anyone.

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