[New Spell] Curse of the Crab

Curse of the Crab


Navnen, having cursed at the door for some time finally called for someone to open it.

‘Ah, usually this is me,’ Valance said with a grin as the thief shuffled into the room, large crab claws having replaced his hands.

‘That can’t be intentional,’ Koram said.

‘The price one pays getting caught picking pockets in this town the first time,’ Navnen replied.

‘What happens the second time?’ Chalk inquired.

‘Apparently one is turned completely into a crab and thrown into the middle of the bay,’ answered the thief.

The others shivered at the thought.


Curse of the Crab (Magic-User/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster or until dispelled.


Whispered to acolytes of the Lord of Crabs originally, a wizardly variant has also been noted. When cast this curse causes the target who fails a Saving Throw vs Magic at -1 to develop crab-like claws where hands where. Fine manipulation and spell-casting is impossible and just holding a weapon requires a roll against Dexterity at -2 to even try to hold the weapon, all strike are at -2 to hit and -2 damage, although the claws themselves may be used to pinch for a 1d4+1 attack.

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