[New Magic Item] Torch of Disillusionment

Torch of Disillusionment

The young fighter holding the magical torch stood catatonic as the illusionist Vistis the Blue Mage hissed from behind his heavily lacquered mask.

‘What is it?’ the druid next to him asked.

‘F-f-f-face. It’s face!’ was all the fighter could manage.

None of the young adventurers noticed Stork as he dropped the nest of enraged hornets among them as they were trying to bring the fighter to his senses from what he had seen under the illusionist’s mask.

Thought to be the creation of a deity of ennui and disenchanted dreams, this handy magic item shines through the deceptions that some would practice upon others. Sadly, to the final astonishment of some, being invisible isn’t included in the magical nature of this torch.

Benefit: When lit this torch reveals to its bearer not only everything in darkness within 35′, it also reveals the true nature of everything to the holder of the torch; illusions, transformed beings, those with painted faces or artificial limbs, wigs, etc. All forms of obscuring, or hiding are revealed, lycanthropy included, except for those that are invisible, they remain so as this is not a means to improve or obscure one’s true nature, but to not appear at all. This hardwood torch burns brightly for six hours before needing another six hours to ‘recharge’, the wood itself does not burn down.

Usable by: Anyone.

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