[New Magic Item] Dagger that MUST Hit

Dagger that MUST Hit

The gnome illusionist grimaced as the shiny dagger suddenly disappeared from his hands, his orc opponent was at first surprised then grinned evilly as the dagger appeared in his spare hand. The humanoid then slashed out recklessly with the magical dagger in its offhand.

It missed, the gnome illusionist held his dagger once again.

‘This is getting tedious,’ commented the elf ranger. ‘Just finish it off already.’

A strange minor magical item that helps as much as it hinders, based on the luck of the wielder. Thought to be distributed into the world by a wily trickster deity, these magical daggers have won and lost more than one decisive battle.

Benefit: In combat this magical dagger is +1 to hot and deals 1d4+2 damage. On a natural 19 or 20 to hit the dagger will deal 1d8+2 damage. However, on a natural roll of 1,2 or 3 the dagger will disappear suddenly, reappearing in the possession of another. Roll a d6, a result of 1-3 means the dagger is in the possession of an ally (if any, if not the dagger is scattered 2d10′ in a random direction) and a result of 4,5 or 6 means that the dagger has changed hands into those of an enemy.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a dagger.

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