[New Magic Spell] Revealing Statues

Revealing Statues

The statue lurched forward and easily splintered the door.

‘That scroll has paid off,’ Stork said with delight.

‘Definitely worth the coins we stole back later,’ Vistis the Blue Mage commented.

‘Not only did the statue tell us where the thieves took the precious stones, but it also opened the door for us. Waiting for the thieves to leave is just less complication,’ Stork said.

‘They will have a surprise when they return, for sure,’ quipped Vistis.

Revealing Statues (Magic-User)

Level 4

Range: Touch.

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

This spell not only animates any statue touched by the caster,but also allows the caster to speak to the statue, and the statue will reveal any information that it may have witnessed (seen or heard in its presence). The statue has 17 Strength and is tireless, working for the spellcaster for one hour of experience the caster has. The statue will return to its original place and position when the spell is over,

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