[New Magic Item] Horn of Henchmen

Horn of Henchmen

Koram and Valance returned to the cottage to find a half dozen young people busily scurrying about, making sure that latches and packs were secure.

‘What is all of this?’ Koram asked.

Chalk jerked a thumb at Navnen.

‘Ask him.’

‘Well, you said we needed help, so I found this horn that calls henchmen…..’

‘You called them, you keep them fed, we will share their payment,’ offered Koram.

‘They aren’t puppies,’ Navnen said. ‘I think they can find food and water.’

The henchmen and helpers all suddenly stopped, giving the thief a moment to reflect on his comment.

‘Or I can keep them fed and happy,’ he said as they went bustling about their work.

Valance pulled a set of dice from a pocket in his robes and greedily eyed the young workers, Navnen objected.

‘They don’t have time to gamble until later,’ he said.

Valance grumbled, biding his time.

Thought to have been created by a minor noble with a very nervous disposition to have some help on hand in most any situation, of course adventurers absconded with this handy magical itm and have been using it to loot and plunder in the wilds ever since.

Benefit: This magical ram’s horn may be used to conjure henchmen when needed. The horn may be used once per day for every other level the bearer has (i.e. 1-2, one time, 3-4, two times, etc.) to call 1d4 basic henchmen that treat the owner of the horn as if he has a 16 Charisma. This Charisma score will be maintained towards only the called forth henchmen as long as they are fairly treated, mistreatment drops the score by two points each incident until the henchmen flee or rebel. Instead of these henchmen the horn’s owner may call forth one specialist (sage, assassin, navigator, etc) that will remain with the horn’s bearer until one task is done. Only one specialist may be conjured at a time and if henchmen are called before the task is done the specialist will leave. Specialists called in this way treat the horn’s owner as if they had a 15 Charisma and will act in the same way as henchmen if mistreated except that the score drops three points per each incident of mistreatment.

Usable by: Anyone.

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