[New Magic Item] Ring of Every Species

Ring of Every Species

The lumbering ogre and muscular orc began arguing before the trio of adventurers. Neither humanoid could understand why one of their kind would be in these deep, dark woods with an elf and a human, unless leading them into a trap. The orc thought the ogre was half blind as it seemed to see an ogre when it was clearly an orc.

The gnome winked at his companions. He was an elf to the ranger and a human to the druid. His new found treasure was working as planned. Mostly.

‘Why don’t you introduce yourselves in my camp just ahead, and bring help with these two,’ the gnome suggested.

The humanoids shrugged and disappeared into the shadows.

‘And what do we do?’ the elf asked.

The gnome/elf/human pointed in a different direction and started hurrying in that direction. The others followed.

Forged to help hunt the changeling Skavas through different cultures, races and species, this magic item has been used and abused for decades. The owner of one of these rings with just the right wit and cunning can do a lot of good or a lot of harm. A few beings are immune to these rings, such as the strange mage known only as The Illuminator.

Benefit: When worn this ring portrays the wearer as the same species as that of those viewing him or her. So at once a human wearing this ring can appear as an elf, a halfling, a dwarf, and an orc. Based on the surroundings and situation this can be helpful and smooth or jarring and suspect for the viewer and in a particularly strange scene, such as an orc among a group of elves, the viewer can opt to disbelieve what they are seeing and can make a Save versus Magic to reveal the real identity of the ring’s wearer. Multiple species may argue among themselves and even fight on what they think they see. One or more Charisma checks may be in order to sort out the situation.

Option: If multiple species are encountered the ring makes the wearer appear as the species with the most hit dice.

Usable by: Anyone.

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