[New Spell] Roving Hands

Roving Hands


The guard didn’t notice the hand creeping down the wall, he never noticed until it scrambled across his armor and grasped his throat, clenching hard until he lost consciousness.

Stork whistled and the hand scuttled to him, climbing his robes and re-attached itself to his arm.

Vistis the Blue Mage shivered a little at the scene.

‘That spell was worth all of the gold I paid for it,’ Stork said with a happy sneer. ‘Shall we see what the prince is up to and if he needs a magical adviser or two?’


Roving Hands (Magic-User)

Level 2

Range: Self or Touch.

Duration: One turn per level of caster.


When cast the magic-user may cause 1d4+1 hands to safely detach from their owners and roam free completely under the control of the hands owner-the caster can control their own hands, but not those of another. The hand has half of the owner’s Str yet full Dex. If the hand takes ¼ of the character’s total hit points in damage it is ‘dead’ and can only be magically re-attached or healed.

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