[New Magic Item] Potion of Troll Blood

Potion of Troll Blood

And then Koram laughed heartily as he replaced his severed arm. The fight was over, the bandits fled seeing this as the fighter not only re-attached his arm, but started fighting with it again.

‘That potion was a great find,’ the fighter said.

‘If only we could find more,’ Navnen replied.

‘And it would be great if the rest of us had a drink of it,’ Chalk chimed in, nursing a few broken ribs.

‘I feel like taking on a troll now!’ exclaimed Koram.

‘Shush!’ winced Chalk..

A strange elixer that includes the blood of a troll and other unsavory ingredients, this potion is highly sought after for those who figure that they are about to be mangled.

Benefit: When this potion is drunk it will allow any severed limbs, even the head, to re-attach to the body. Severed limbs may move and crawl independently to their owner, burned or otherwise destroyed limbs will regenerate and the imbiber of the potion regenerates 1d4 hit points per turn. Lasts for 1d4 hours after being quaffed. Will not work if character is already dead. Works on the living or the undead, but not the dead themselves, corpses are corpses. Note: trolls know who has this potion in them and will attack this person(s) mercilessly above all others.

Usable by: Anyone.

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