[New Magic Item] Strange Ring of Gistomus

Strange Ring of Gistomus

‘This is so not good,’ Navnen said as he tried wrenching the ring from his finger.

‘We will find someone to remove it,’ Chalk assured him.

‘Why can’t you or Valance have that spell?’ Navnen asked, exasperated.

‘I can solve this,’ Koram said confidently as he drew a small ax from his belt.

‘No, no, no!’ protested Navnen.

‘Why are you so upset?’ Chalk asked.

‘I’m the thief! A thief that can’t touch money without burning! I will be laughed out of the guild,’ Navnen answered.

‘Ah, but a dashing thief,’ added Valance.

Some magic items are a blessing and a curse, such as this one. Made for mischief, this magical ring is sought after and sometimes disparaged by the one wearing it.

Benefit: When placed upon a finger (or toe) this magical ring latches on tight, removable only by a Remove Curse, Limited Wish or Wish spell. The ring’s new owner suddenly adds two points to their Charisma attribute which remain in place as long as the ring is worn. However, the subject also has an aversion to touching coins of any kind. Any coin touching the one wearing the ring will cause a burning sensation that does no damage yet makes that person -1 to hit in combat for up to 1d4 turns afterwards.

Usable by: Anyone.

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