[New Spell] Curse: Stonemount

Curse: Stonemount


Valance glared into the distance.

‘I’ll get that dwarf,’ the priest of the Spider God vowed.

‘To be fair he is already under a curse,’ Chalk said.

‘Oh yes, and he knows that, did he have to try to ride my gigantic spider? He knew what would happen,’ Valance replied.

‘You are right, let’s go mess with him,’ Chalk said as he waved a beckoning arm towards Navnen and Koram.

Valance patted the enormous petrified spider that stood frozen before him.


Curse: Stonemount (Magic-user/Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.


This strange curse requires the cursed one to roll a Save versus Petrification each and every time that they try to ride a mount (horse, ostrich, mule, elephant, dragon, etc) or have that mount turned to stone until the mount can be returned to flesh, which does eventually happens when the spell either is dispelled or runs its natural course. Clever cursed people can use this to their advantage by trying to ride on the shoulders or backs of monsters at the right time.

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