[New Magic Item] Drun’s Amulet

Drun’s Amulet

The gnome illusionist flew at the surprised bugbear and grabbed the humanoid’s arm, delivering a electrical shock that caused the creature to bellow in pain.

The elf ranger released an arrow that struck the very same bugbear in the shoulder, drawing a trickle of blood.

‘Nooooo!’ lamented the gnome as he swooned and dropped to the ground in a dead faint.

Fellhorn the druid stabbed the bugbear with his scimitar, finishing off the bugbear.

‘Why did you do that, you know he might faint?’ Fellhorn asked the elf.

‘I knew you could finish the creature and it is funny watching him faint,’ the elf replied.

‘Fair enough, he does look funny when he drops,’ Fellhorn said.

It is said that a great wizard gifted this magical amulet to the dwarf fighter Drun for helping him with an epic quest. At first Drun was elated with the effects of the amulet, and then a bit mortified. Why? Read below….

Benefit: The wearer of this magical amulet can simulate the effects of the Shocking Grasp spell, dealing 1d4+2 points of damage. The amulet’s owner then can make a Save versus Spells to be able to use this ability again that day. As long as this saving throw is made that day the amulet’s owner can use the Shocking Grasp effect. The downside of this amulet? If the owner sees blood he or she must make a Save versus Petrification/Paralysis or faint from the sight of the blood. A failed save of this kind results in the subject fainting for 1d4 minutes.

Usable by: Anyone.

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