[New Magic Item] Warden’s Shield

Warden’s Shield

Koram, Valance and Navnen slid back several feet after trying to fight the elf warden.

‘Chalk!’ Valance yelled.

The elf warden grimaced and jabbed his spear at the priest of the Spider God, tearing his tunic.

‘You’ll regret that,’ Valance threatened.

The elf sneered and bashed the trio with his shield again, Koram lost his footing and fell over, Navnen slipped and fell out of the window.

Chalk threw a spell at the elf which the warden shrugged off.

Navnen climbed back into the room.

‘Valance, just give him the money you owe for gambling, we can’t take much more of this,’ the thief exclaimed.

‘Never!’ Valance hissed. ‘They will never get the coins out of me that easily!’

‘This is easily?’ Chalk lamented.

Thought to have been made for an elven prince many ages ago, this magical shield is made of polished wood with metal embellishments and looks quite plain yet sturdy.

Benefit: In combat this shield allows the bearer to ‘push back’ up to three foes. On his or her turn, instead of attacking with a weapon the shield bearer can elect to attack with this shield. A Strength roll is required and if successful will knock any foes back five feet per level of the defending character and deals 1d4+2 points of damage to all affected. A failed strength check deals 1d4 points of damage, yet has no ‘push back’ effect. Can be used multiple times each day, however each use per day subtract ‘1’ from the current Strength of the shield’s bearer. The Strength remains the same and is merely reduced for this check and not other applications of Strength.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a Medium sized shield.

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