[New Spell] You Change When I Die

You Change When I Die


Fellhorn dropped coins for all of the children, smiling warmly.

‘He was actually more fun before we killed that weird wizard in the Tower of Altra-Vin,’ the elf ranger said.

‘I have to agree, he was so middle-of-the-road before, now he’s too good,’ said the gnome illusionist in agreement.

‘How do we fix this before he gives away all of our money?’ the elf asked.

‘I’ve heard of magic items that alter an outlook, we may need to find one for this magic is beyond what I can repair,’ the gnome said wistfully.

‘Let’s be off to find such a thing before we are destitute!’ exclaimed the ranger.


You Change When I Die (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: 10’+5’/level.

Duration: Permanent (see below).


If slain by one chosen within range by the magic-user, then the slayer changes to follow an opposite alignment or outlook. The death of the spellcaster causes this permanent change for which there is no Saving Throw, yet a Limited Wish or Wish spell may return the person to their alignment, as will the use of magic items that reverse alignment. Note that those of a Neutral alignment in a three alignment type system have a 50% chance of becoming Lawful of Chaotic and use of any magic that alters or reverses alignment afterwards brings them back to Neutral.

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