[New Spell] Nameless, You Go

Nameless, You Go


‘I was just getting to like this town, too,’ lamented Navnen the thief.

‘I know, but someone has a gambling problem,’ Chalk said as he packed the last of his magical gear.

Koram locked the door as the trio left.

‘I’ll return this to the landlord and meet you at the gate,’ the fighter said and strolled off.

Valance saw the wizard and thief approach the gate.

‘Can you place one more bet for me on the giant beetle race?’ he called out to his friends, but they could not hear him while within the confines of the town, for the curse the illusionist had placed upon the priest of the Spider God had rendered him nameless and unknown by all who dwelled within. By relinquishing their residence and deciding to leave once outside the town’s gates they would see and know their friend and traveling companion again.


Nameless, You Go (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: One year and a day or until dispelled.


When cast upon an individual this strange Illusionist spell takes the name and identity from an individual in the particular village, town or city that he or she happens to be in. In addition the target is compelled to leave the limits of the area in which the spell was uttered, an arcane barrier holding the victim of the spell outside of the confine of that particular society. Particularly unlucky (or treacherous) individuals may find themselves outcast and unremembered in several towns and cities.

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