[New Magic Item] Mighty Stone of DEATH

Mighty Stone of DEATH

Stork smiled an evil grin and reached into his pocket just before the trio of arrows struck him and the sorcerer fell limply into a chasm to be whisked away by the flowing river below.

‘Well that is that!’ the warrior said as he turned towards Vistis the Blue Mage, ‘Now for you!’

‘You know he isn’t really dead,’ the masked illusionist hissed.

The warrior cocked his head quizzically.

‘He’s got this magical amulet….’ Vistis began.

The elf clucked his tongue.

‘So that is how he has died three times and keeps coming back,’ he said.

‘Bingo!’ replied Vistis.

‘However, we do have you,’ grumbled the dwarf as he drew his ax.

Vistis tapped the butt of his staff on the ground and a blue explosion blinded the adventurers and the illusionist was gone.

‘Evil, yet stylish,’ the elf said. The others nodded in agreement.

A very powerful magic item in the right hands, this polished light gray stone has saved many accused of one crime or another and has even given the clever a head start when used against others.

Benefit: A very powerful magic item, the Mighty Stone of DEATH is only usable once per day, which is often enough for most. When the power of this amulet is invoked the bearer (or one they touch) may Feign Death as per the spell (including immunity to poison, paralysis and energy drain administered during the effects of the spell), taking no damage for three turns after this ability is used, which means that for thirty minutes after the subject drops apparently into death all administered damage is illusory, except damage like that from falling, which is reduced by 50%. The owner of the amulet can end this effect at any time at will.

Usable by: Anyone.

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