[New Magic Item] Ring of Scents

Ring of Scents

Fellhorn the druid cast a spell that repelled the rampaging bears.

‘Can I have that ring?’ he asked the gnome illusionist.

‘But…I thought that the bear was a good idea at the time,’ replied the gnome.

‘Maybe not at the time of year when they are fighting over territory,’ Fellhorn said.

‘You could have warned me…’

‘The ring, please,’ insisted the druid.

Reluctantly the druid handed over the ring.

A ring made for a wily outlaw leader for allowing free passage for a wizard and his entourage for years, this magical ring saved the lives of countless quick-thinking individuals since the demise of the original owner.

Benefit: The wearer of this arcane ring can alter his scent at will to be that of an natural animal for the area. A clever bearer of this ring knows when to take on the scent of a threatening animal such as a grizzly bear and when to take on the scent of a harmless deer. All creatures that track mainly by scent will be fooled by this magical ring 90% of the time. Creatures encountering the scent will react accordingly (i.e. orcs reacting to the scent of a grizzly bear in the vicinity).

Usable by: Anyone.

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