[New Magic Item] Tunic of Tarnov

Tunic of Tarnov

Valance looked on dubiously as Navnen and the strange man did business. A few moments later the thief rejoined the priest of the Spider God.

‘That is an odd one,’ the cleric commented.

‘Dokul? He’s a great guy. A great smuggler, he once smuggled a band of gnome thieves into Nalaj,’ the thief replied.

‘He casts an eerie shadow,’ Valance said.

‘At least his tunic isn’t full of spiders,’ countered Navnen.

Valance shrugged. And a trio of spiders crept from his sleeve and then retreated.

‘See!’ shrieked Navnen.

The priest of the Spider God only smiled in reply.

A handy tunic, especially in outdoor or underground endeavors, the strange shadow one casts while wearing it can sometimes unnerve others and cause one to be run out of town, sometimes in the best of circumstances.

Benefit: This AC 8 magical tunic not only keeps the wearer comfortable in weather extremes, it also possesses four pockets, each of which holds as much as a 5 gallon bucket despite actual appearance. The downside is that the person wearing the tunic casts a twisting, monstrous shadow that is unnerving to many (-2 to Charisma while wearing the tunic).

Usable by: Anyone.

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