[New Magic Item] Canteen of Droffspire

Canteen of Droffspire

The gnome illusionist drank from the newly found canteen.

‘It tastes like brandy and takes off the chill!’ the gnome exclaimed.

The elf made a scoffing sound.

‘It probably tastes like rancid milk, you have a very good poker face,’ the elf ranger replied.

Fellhorn the druid tried a drink when the gnome offered.

‘It does taste like brandy,’ the druid said, offering the canteen to the elf.

Reluctantly the elf sipped from the canteen. He immediately spit out the foul tasting water.

‘Why you little…’ he began.

The gnome chuckled and offered it again. The elf drank.

‘Hey, that’s not bad,’ he said in agreement with the others. Although he still remained dubious of the gnome.

Made for a far-wandering dwarf adventurer, this magical canteen is covered in dwarvish runes and has been scoffed at by more than one elf or kobold for its appearance that has regretted their decision almost immediately. Usually found in unfriendly climes at the best possible time.

Benefit: To the owner this one quart sized canteen holds five gallons of water, ale, or any desired liquid. The owner can decide whether to share this bounty or to ‘lock out’ others, who find only a mouthful of foul tasting water. The liquid inside this magical container will stay fresh indefinitely, which has surprised (and kept alive) more than one adventuring party that has stumbled upon it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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