[New Spell] Weighed Down

Weighed Down


Navnen struggled to throw the tiny dart at the ogre.

‘I hope that thing has poison on it,’ Koram snarled in the heat of battle.

‘I think it does,’ the thief answered awkwardly.

‘Why are you wearing a sack by the way?’ the fighter asked.

The thief grumbled.

‘Oh, tried stealing from that magic shop again,’ Koram said.

The thief only continued to grumble as he struggled to throw another dart.


Weighed Down (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch.

Duration: One day per level of caster..


This minor curse causes all items currently carried by the target of the spell to quadruple in weight, causing extreme issues with encumbrance. Weapons may be too heavy to bear into combat, although to others each item retains its normal weight. Additional items added after this curse is cast will retain their average weight, so completely trading all current items is a solution to this curse, if possible. When the spell lapses all items retain their previous weight to the spell’s target.

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